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If you are learning Power BI and just want to play about with the full experience on your own, without an organisation account, then help is here.  You can now quickly set up your own free Power BI Service account to publish your reports to.  As you can see in the screenshot above, this is advertised as a renewable 90 day offering, assuming you use and don’t abuse the service.

Here’s the link

Essentially you are setting up trial 365 tenant with an E5 Subscription.  The E5 365 subscription comes with Power BI Pro included.

After clicking join now, you'll see these screens:

Remember your password, it has to be a long and complex one.

I strongly recommend you adopt a password manager like LastPass into your life.  I’d be lost without it.

And you're done...

Simple and fantastic.

Power BI Desktop is also free to download so you can build your reports there and now publish and share from the Power BI “service”

Once you publish your Power BI Desktop file to your new tenant you can share your report with the world for free via File > Embed report > Publish to web (public)

But, you'll probably get a warning like this...

So you will need to go to the admin settings and enable “new code creation” via the following clicks:

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Have you tried it out?

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