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PBI for the Excel Analyst

Master Your Data

Supercharge Power BI

CTCD Power Query

The Definitive Guide to DAX

Performance Best Practice

Story Telling with Data

Big Book of Dashboards

YouTube Channels

Access Analytic

Guy in a Cube




Excel is Fun (Mike Girvin)

Enterprise DNA


How to Power BI

Havens BI

My Online Training Hub

Excel on Fire


Kratos BI


BI Gorilla

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BI Polar


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Kasper on BI

Raw Data - Rob Collie


Explicit Measures

Power BI Guy

Lars Schreiber SSBI

Wyn - Power Query Magic

External Tools & Helper Sites

A list of all DAX functions and help with how to use them

Automatically format your DAX

PBI Cleaner

Find which measures and columns are used in your report

A quick way to analyze your data model and format your DAX. Includes ability to Export Tables to CSV

Tabular Editor (2 & 3)

Productivity Tool for the developer of Models. Write DAX in a separate UI, calculation groups, scripts, debug and more.  V2.0 is Free 

DAX Studio 3.0

DAX optimisation tool. Plus ability to export tables to CSV (watch video)

Business Ops Collection

A one-stop-shop for all the latest versions of many External Tools.