Power BI for the Excel Analyst

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ChapterPageShort URLItem
Introvurl.pbi.guide/kasperKasper de Jonge interview with Amir Netz
BonusBonusurl.pbi.guide/B18zHow big can an Excel Data Model be
BonusBonusurl.pbi.guide/Ti6YHow big can a Power BI Data Model be
Ch12aka.ms/pbidesktopstoreDownloading Store Version (direct link)
Ch12url.pbi.guide/Man64Downloading Power BI Desktop general link
Ch14url.pbi.guide/PBIXLDownload Exercises
Ch25url.pbi.guide/FirstLookFirst Look Publish to Web version
Ch228url.pbi.guide/infoiPower BI Ideas, add indicator to Power Query
Ch228aka.ms/ExcelSuggestionsExcel Feedback Portal
Ch229url.pbi.guide/whoopOz du Soleil - Excel On Fire - Power Query Videos
Ch330powerbi.microsoft.comSigning in to Power BI.com
BonusBonusurl.pbi.guide/PBIFreeNew: Free E5 Developer Sandbox with Power BI
Ch330url.pbi.guide/YooOAdam Saxton Video - Setting up a Trial Tenant (See new bonus link above)
Ch330url.pbi.guide/E5trialFree E5 Trial (see new bonus link above)
Ch333url.pbi.guide/FirstLookFirst Look Publish to Web version
Ch333url.pbi.guide/showcasePower BI Partner Showcase
Ch333url.pbi.guide/dsg1Power BI Data Stories Gallery
Ch334url.pbi.guide/PowerPointEmbed Live Page in PowerPoint
BonusBonusurl.pbi.guide/dxLjExport to PDF (Microsoft Docs)
BonusBonusurl.pbi.guide/7nYbAnalyze in Excel (Microsoft Docs)
Ch338url.pbi.guide/coatesWorkspace Naming - Melissa Coates
Ch338url.pbi.guide/MDworkspaceWorkspaces (Microsoft Docs)
Ch339url.pbi.guide/MDrolesWorkspace Roles (Microsoft Docs)
Ch341url.pbi.guide/PPUFAQPower BI Premium Per User FAQ (Microsoft Docs)
Ch342url.pbi.guide/PremFAQPremium Capacity FAQ (Microsoft Docs)
Ch342url.pbi.guide/PBIPricePricing (Power BI)
Ch449url.pbi.guide/MDprivPrivacy Level Settings (Microsoft Docs)
Ch686url.pbi.guide/SPFolderThe best way to connect to a SharePoint Folder ( YouTube video)
Ch7102www.daxformatter.com DAX Formatter
Ch7105url.pbi.guide/ffsMRoche's maxim of data transformation
Ch7108url.pbi.guide/schargeLearn DAX with Matt Allington's book "Supercharge Power BI"
Ch7108www.sqlbi.comSQLBI website
Ch7108www.daxformatter.com DAX Formatter
Ch8112powerquery.comPower Query Official site
Ch8112url.pbi.guide/mydPower Query Book by Ken Puls and Miguel Escobar: Master Your Data
Ch8112url.pbi.guide/gilraPower Query Book by Gil Raviv: Collect, Combine, and Transform Data
Ch8112url.pbi.guide/MagicPodPower Query Magic Podcast
Ch8112url.pbi.guide/MagicVidPower Query Magic YouTube
Ch8117url.pbi.guide/MarkDateAlberto Ferrari - Mark as Date Table
Ch9119url.pbi.guide/wheelAdobe Color Wheel
Ch10121url.pbi.guide/MDX1Data Explorer, the pre-cursor to Power Query - Chris Webb
Ch10122url.pbi.guide/zNewsPower BI for Office 365 Announced
Ch10122url.pbi.guide/1stVid3D Map Video of Power BI companies in 2015 (YouTube)
Ch10123url.pbi.guide/designerPower BI Designer announced by Adam Saxton
Ch10123url.pbi.guide/GIACGuy in a Cube on YouTube
Ch10138url.pbi.guide/chartyJon Peltier custom number formats
Ch10138url.pbi.guide/myndaInteractive Excel Dashboards with Mynda Treacy
Ch11150url.pbi.guide/MDdesignDesign effective reports in Power B (Microsoft Learning Path)
Ch11150url.pbi.guide/wowWorkout Wednesday Data Visualisation Challenges
Ch11155ideas.powerbi.comPower BI ideas site
Ch11159url.pbi.guide/ahoyReid Havens - Bookmarks
Ch11159url.pbi.guide/brewPower BI Tips - Bookmarks
Ch11159url.pbi.guide/MDbookmarksBookmarks (Microsoft Docs)
Ch12176url.pbi.guide/MDgatewayGateways (Microsoft Docs)
Ch12176url.pbi.guide/MDrefreshData refresh (Microsoft Docs)
Ch13179url.pbi.guide/MDrlsRow Level Security Guidance (Microsoft Docs)
Ch13179url.pbi.guide/MOOrlsRow Level Security with AD security Groups - Gilbert at Fourmoo
Ch13179url.pbi.guide/RADrlsRow Level Security with Org Hierarchies - Reza Rad
Ch13188url.pbi.guide/MDdataflowDataflows (Microsoft Docs)
Ch13188url.pbi.guide/DFInfoDataflow Video Introduction from Wyn
Ch13189url.pbi.guide/gds1Matt Allington Golden Dataset
Ch14190url.pbi.guide/TGgoalsTreb Gatte - Goals (Metrics) Series
Ch14190url.pbi.guide/MDmetricsPower BI Goals/Metrics (Microsoft Docs)
Ch14190url.pbi.guide/MDpremiumPower BI Premium (Microsoft Docs)
Ch14190url.pbi.guide/MDdqDirect Query (Microsoft Docs)
Ch14190url.pbi.guide/MDdqsDirect Query Data Sources (Microsoft Docs)
Ch14191url.pbi.guide/MDpagPaginated Reports (Microsoft Docs)
Ch14191url.pbi.guide/MDadminPower BI Administration
Ch14191bravo.biBravo BI - analyze your model and autoformat your DAX
Ch14191daxstudio.orgDAX Stuidio - analyzing DAX queries
Ch14191tabulareditor.com Tabular Editor 3 - writing and debugging DAX
Ch14191url.pbi.guide/imkeImke Feldmann - Power BI Cleaner Tool
Ch14191url.pbi.guide/WynWyn details